Andres Acosta born 1992, is an American painter based in Denver, Colorado. In late 2016, He moved back to Chicago after working and living in Iowa as a paramedic/mental health profesional. His brother Pedro re-introduced art to him and they began creating in multiple mediums such as music, painting and writing. Since then he has created 650 paintings, spanning multiple abstract genres, and 800 drawings. He also has been featured in exhibitions throughout the Chicago area, Milwaukee, and New York. 


“What is painting in 2018? I try to answer this question through a new technique dubbed Neo-Pastiche. I practice Neo-Pastiche through intense technical studying of the masters of abstract painting such as Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Hilma Af Klint that result in original works. I believe the impact of these artistic forces cannot be bounded in art-historical periods and can still survive today through Neo-Pastiche. This series is dedicated to Hilma Af Klints “The Swan”, 1915. I see this painting as a gesture to continue Klint’s exploration of color and form in painting through geometric shapes, showcasing the potential of Neo-Pastiche”.








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